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Recent Messages from Galilee Baptist Church

8/13/17 "Our Thoughts" Dr. Joey Krol

8/20/17 "Our Emotions" Dr. Joey Krol

8/27/17 "Our Words" Dr. Joey Krol

9/3/17 "Trust in the LORD" Dr. Joey Krol

9/10/17 "Rebound" Dr. Joey Krol

9/24/17 Guest Speaker: Dean Jones

10/1/17 "Running The Race" Dr. Joey Krol

10/8/17 "Tuning Up Our Evangelism" Dr. Joey Krol

​10/22/17 "All In For Christ" Dr. Joey Krol

​10/29/17 "The Second Death" Dr. Joey Krol

11/5/17 "Harmony In Marriage" Dr. Joey Krol

11/12/17 "God, Where Were You?" Dr. Joey Krol

11/19/17 "The Most Misunderstood Verse Today" Dr. Joey Krol

11/26/17 "Giving God Thanks" Dr. Joey Krol

12/10/17 "Mary Had A Little Lamb" Dr. Joey Krol

​12/24/17 "Christmas Worship" Dr. Joey Krol

1/21/18 "The Sanctity of Human Life" Dr. Joey Krol

1/28/18 "God & Money" Dr. Joey Krol

2/18/18 "Loving Your Enemies" Dr. Joey Krol

2/25/18 Guest Speaker Brother Roger Priestley

3/4/18 "When God Lets You Down" Dr. Joey Krol

3/11/18 Guest Speaker Brother Van Kicklighter

4/1/18 "In The Garden" Dr. Joey Krol

Series: Defending Your Faith
4/8/18 Christianity: One Among Many

Series: Defending Your Faith
4/15 The Bible